3 Enticing Reasons You Need To Post On Facebook Every. Single. Day.


Okay, let's be honest here. We've all ignored our Facebook Page at times. Whether we didn't know what to post about, were upset that there was no engagement or simply didn't have time is irrelevant. What happened as a consequence was less engagement and less chance for engagement.

Not posting on a regular basis is a surefire way not to grow on social media. 

What if... what if the reason you stopped posting every day was because you weren't getting any engagement? That's a huge reason new businesses stop posting. They don't understand why no one is liking, sharing or commenting on their posts. What you need to know is that it takes time and it takes consistency for your brand to grow.

Not only that, but even if we are sharing other's people's content it's been inconsistent, because we only see things that are appropriate for our page randomly.

1. There's a daily chance for growth

It's true. If you post every day there is a daily chance that someone will interact with your content. Whether they like, share or comment on it - if they do, your reach goes up. The more your reach goes up, the more people see your content. The more people see your content, the more likely it is that it will be liked, shared or commented on. The more it is liked, shared and commented on - the bigger your reach gets... Get the point? No posting, no reach. 

2. It increases engagement

Why is it important to increase the engagement on your posts? Well, to make it simple: Facebook shows your posts to people who interact with your content. No interaction, no visibility - which means no engagement. Engagement increases your reach 

3. It puts you in the game

If you're not posting daily, then you aren't using the simplest tool in the entire world to reach your audience where they hang out all day, everyday. It's challenging to get engagement and while many of your posts will hang there without anyone engaging at all, they will hang there for a shorter amount of time if you keep posting. 

4. It shows you're stable and trustworthy

I, like a lot of other people, go to a business's FB page and ask 

5. It organically grows your page